Welcome to SiteNOTE demo/startup site

With SiteNOTE CMS, the simple and powerful solution to maintain web site content, you can manage, update or create the content of your web site, while preserving a consistent look and feel throughout the pages.

This website is setup with a basic structure that contains typical elements for a website. The homepage, as well as the other pages are based on a general template, that contains a top menu control and a footer, and, for subpages of the homepage, a left menu control. Number of menu levels is theoritically unlimited, even if, for a good design of a site, this should remain quite limited. The breadcrumb control (SiteMapPath) contained on top of each page helps to navigate in the site as well. The Sitemap control, automatically generated, is contained in a specific page, and a contact page has been created by default, and it contains a basic contact form that sends it submitted data via email to the webmaster. The other pages present some interesting controls that you may wish to use while building your site. SiteNOTE also contains a search engine that you can enable on your site, if appropriate.

Starting with SiteNOTE

  • To understand how to use SiteNOTE for editing purposes, please see the User's guide.
  • To understand how to customize layout and design of your site, please see the Designer's guide
  • To understand how to create and integrate custom ASP.NET controls in a SiteNOTE site, have a look on the Developper's guide.
  • For further customization of the system (website parameters, etc...), see the System documentation.
  • For further reference and Frequently Asked Questions, just browse on www.SiteNOTE.net

Who made SiteNOTE?

CrossFactory, the company behind SiteNOTE, provides, on request, support & maintenance contracts on SiteNOTE, to ensure product follow-up, bug resolutions, etc.

Feel free to contact us in case of needs.